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GeoCache Competition Concept

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Stoney Creek are producers of high-quality, purpose-developed outdoor clothing and hunting gear. Each product is meticulously researched and tested for all conditions.

Recently Stoney Creek released the Tuatara Camo patterns, which they developed in conjunction with designers, and hunters to perfectly blend into the environment.

As proof of how well the Tuatara Camo patterns work with the landscape, I came up with the concept of a country-wide GeoCache competition.

GeoCaching is a worldwide hunt for concealed containers of differing difficulty levels. There are multiple apps available for download in order to partake in the hunt, but the most popular is called 'GeoCaching'. The containers are often hidden in plain sight, and can be found using GPS co-ordinates provided by the apps.

The idea is to conceal a series of Stoney Creek GeoCaches using the Tuatara camo pattterns in different locations throughout the country. Clues to the Cache locations will be distributed using the Stoney Creek TechTalks (a series of YouTube videos produced by Stoney Creek to outline the features of their products). To get people motivated to get involved prize packs of Stoney Creek Tuatara Camo gear are up for grabs. The goal is to extend the reach of the TechTalks, and inform a wider audience of the value of their products whilest proving how well the patterns work. The competition would be promoted across multiple channels including their Test Teams own (popular) social media accounts, radio, paid social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) and through their own database of email subscribers.

This concept was developed as part of a proposal for Stoney Creek. Images and ideas are subject to copyright.