clares creative studio branding, website design and development

This project is more to me than simply just the design and development aspects. I have to think about so much more behind the scenes.

I wanted to create a well-thought out brand that is refined, but has the ability work alongside the work that I create for clients. The simple design focuses on typography and whitespace.

I am in the process of exprimenting with various content management systems to work out which will work best for myself and my clients ongoing. At this stage the live site is not conected to a CMS, but it will be once I have found one that I am confident with.

Although I am not new to designing for social media, I am new to content creation, planning and scheduling. This on-going process involves me creating social media calendars, and scheduling posts in advance for Instagram and Facebook. I have experimented with Tailwind, but I will also be trying out other similar apps, looking at other social platforms and eventually looking at paid advertising.

This whole process is a huge learning opportunity, and I am using it to understand what is involved in starting up a business.

let's work together!