Northern Districts Cricket Website

Website Design & Front-end Responsive Web Development

NDC Web Design and Development

Northern Districts Cricket, covers over half of the north island of New Zealand. One of the comments from the client was that previously, the district associations had felt under represented on the website. They spent a lot of time fielding calls from people trying to find information on regional games.

To overcome this, I requested sample data from the client for the upcoming cricket season. I was given access to match fixings, and example score data. I designed the database behind the site to include multiple relationships. Individual Players, team, district association. Teams include statistics, scores, and matches. There is an events calendar, with a module that can be added to the homepage during the cricket season which displays upcoming and current matches. Depending on whether the game is live or in the future, links are displayed to see Live Scoring information or the actual match scores.

This data heavy website, was a huge undertaking. It took a lot of planning and consultation with the clients to make sure that everything functioned the way it should.

This project was completed while working for PAN in Hamilton and they remain their client.