Maisey Group

Brand System

Forlong and Maisey - Before the rebrand Maisey Group

Bob Maisey and Charles Forlong originally established their electroplating company in 1946. Over the years the family run company purchased a number of predominantly engineering companies around New Zealand. The Forlong family sold their part of the business and eventually in 2015 they decided to drop the Forlong name from the brand.

As part of the re-brand, I was tasked to consolidate all companies under the Maisey umbrella. I created the stylised 'M' device which was a nod to the history of the brand. I created it using a modified version of the diagonal lines found in the old brand. The 'M' device would be used across all brands changing out for an identifying colour for each individual company. As part of this branding project I created a unique font, for use only with creating new brands as the Maisey group acquires new companies over the coming years. In order to keep the brand system in check, I created an extensive brand standards manual to accompany the brand for future reference.

Maisey Group Font Maisey Group - Mouats Brand Poster Maisey Group Font
This project was completed while working for PAN in Hamilton and they remain their client.