Harrie & Sam

Branding, Design & Art Direction

The girls at Harrie & Sam came to me when they were first starting out as they needed a brand to represent their boutique clothing label. They explained that although they had no examples to show me: their clothing would comprise of 'basics' which would be made with a high attention to detail and craft(wo)manship.

I was given a list of brands that they liked, so I worked from there. I wanted my primary focus to be on the idea of well designed and made basics. I chose a sans-serif font, which I customised in order to get most of the letterforms fit in a 1:1 ratio at the x-height. This constraint allowed the letters to form a rhythm which created balance. The result is a brand which is easy to read, with un-noticeable modifications. Basic, but with a high attention to detail.

"Clare has the most amazing sense of understanding and is very intuitive when it comes to clients and design. We came to her with no examples, but with vague ideas and a semi-vision of what we wanted the brand to look like and feel and she interpreted the brand perfectly. Clare brought the Harrie & Sam brand to life.

Everything from the font, colour and messaging; we were so impressed at how quickly it all came together. If we did want to try any additional ideas, Clare was more than happy to put different things together for us.

We really feel like she nailed the brand personality and we couldn't be any more happier. The brand translates so well in all our marketing communication and we have had such a great response."

Ella and Stacey
- Harrie & Sam